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Health is a fundamental right. Unfortunately, for most people, this fundamental right is threatened by poverty, inequality, exploitation and war. Viva Salud supports social movements in the Philippines, Palestine, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba and elsewhere in their struggle for the right to health.

Viva Salud op donorinfo.beWhat does Viva Salud do?

  • International: Viva Salud supports its partners in the Philippines, Palestine, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cuba in their struggle for the right to health. These partners are active in the wider social movement in their countries.Viva Salud provides them with :
  • financial support through grants and donations received in Belgium
  • moral support and solidarity through activities in Belgium and in their international network such as the People's Health Movement.
  • In Belgium: Viva Salud supports the struggle of social movements in partner countries and elsewhere through campaigns and other activities in Belgium:
    • Annual campaign for a strong public health
    • Annual campaign "Only Fighters Win" highlighting the importance of social movements and human rights defenders in the fight for the right to health
    • Annual Easter Campaign for Cuba for social and environmental projects
    • Support for volunteers and local initiatives for international solidarity and the right to health
    • Collaboration with other organisations in networks.


How can you help Viva Salud?

Viva Salud needs your financial support

  • to support the organisations in partner countries for strong public health care campaigns and training of health care staff and volunteers.
  • for the campaigns for the right to health care in Belgium and internationally.

Viva Salud needs volunteers in Belgium :

  • Administration/secretariat/fundraising: preparation of mailings, help with small administrative tasks.
  • Assistance with events and campaigns
  • Translations: for texts from Dutch to French
  • Transport


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