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Viva Salud supports the right to healthcare for all. Health is precious for all individuals and all communities. It is a basic right, but millions of people in the Global South live without it. Viva Salud  is mainly active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Philippines and Palestine. It also supports the Latin American branch of the international People’s Health Movement network.

What does Viva Salud do?

Viva Salud supports programmes which help to raise awareness among populations. Its health workers help individuals and communities to take part in training and organise to ensure that their rights are respected. At the same time, Viva Salud invests in the creation of democratic and participatory health networks, in collaboration with local communities. During meetings, the different partners share their experiences.

In Palestine:

Viva Salud works with Health Work Committees (HWC) and the Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC).

  • HWC is one of the largest health organisations in the occupied territories. Viva Salud supports HWC by helping to develop and strengthen a network through which young people in Jerusalem mobilise for the right to healthcare.
  • The UHWC is a sister organisation of the HWC, and is active in Gaza. The UHWC has four medical centres, one day centre and a hospital. It also organises cultural activities for young people. 

In the Philippines: 

Along with its four partners (Council for Health and Development, Gabriela, IBON and Advocates for Community Health), Viva Salud is present in villages and communities on the islands to assist and train new health workers. These associations help rural communities to organise, in this way facilitating their access to primary healthcare. 70% of doctors in the Philippines work in urban areas or abroad. The local contribution of these partners is therefore indispensable:

  • Gabriela is an umbrella organisation which brings together women’s organisations offering training on gender and the right to healthcare.
  • CHD is an organisation which is active in poor communities in Manila and some provinces. It offers training on primary healthcare.
  • IBON Foundation is a research and documentation centre.
  • Advocates for Community Health is active in remote regions of the Philippines, where malaria is still prevalent. It offers training on the prevention and detection of malaria to farmers.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Viva Salud works with the NGO Etoile du Sud (EDS) and the Collectif de Développement Intégré au Congo (CODIC):

  • Etoile du Sud is an NGO which supervises health committees in different provinces in the Congo.
  • CODIC is a platform which allows development organisations to share their experiences. It is a network comprising 750 organisations, which are active in five provinces in the Congo.


Viva Salud and its partners are members of the People's Health Movement (PHM), an international network that unites grassroots organizations, health activists and academics from more than 70 countries.

How can you help Viva Salud?

Financial support

  • Viva Salud receives subsidies, but depends on private donations to achieve its aims .

Volunteers in Belgium

  • Administrative work, secretarial work, fundraising, preparation of mailing campaigns.
  • Logistical supports for the "20kms de Bruxelles" campaign.
  • Translation from Dutch to French.


Translated by Rebecca Neal through Translations for Progress


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