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Social mission

AIC Solidarité supports projects in the fight against poverty, and is run by a wide network of AIC* volunteers situated in 36 countries across Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. It aims to increase the capacities of the local AIC volunteers within the development of the projects and their funding.

*International Association of Charities

What does AIC do?

The numerous local AIC groups aim to combat poverty through a variety of psycho-medical and social activities. These consist of female volunteers who perform specially adapted outreach work suitable for the local area and situation. AIC Solidarité focuses its efforts on the training of these volunteers, the encouragement of good practice, playing the role of facilitator, occasionally providing the projects with funding, and creating links between the various projects within the network.

Some examples of the work completed by the many supported projects:

  • Education (Tsiry, South-east of Madagascar): an extensive project aiming to educate both adults and children who are out of school, established in 2010 by volunteers in the South East of Madagascar.

    • Bringing descholarised children up to a secondary-level standard of education

    • Provision of a school canteen for the children

    • Creation of income-generating activities thanks to a grant from a small fund for adults.

Since 2010, 2619 adults, of which the majority were women, and 1145 children participated in the literacy program implemented by the volunteers in the South-East of Madagascar.

  • Professional training (Dominican Republic, North East region): this project for professional reintegration was developped by the AIC of the Dominican Republic in 2014.

    • Vocational training in different sectors (agriculture, livestock, artisanal production, production of domestic supplies…)

    • Additional educational workshops for inclusive and cooperative management, worker’s rights, human rights and family matters, etc…

    • The opening of communal sport facilities.

Since 2014, more than 400 people previously rejected from the job market have benefitted from vocational training and have participated in educational workshops. The objective is to allow these people to find work in the private sector, where they will generate revenue.

  • Health (Bangante, Camaroon): the care of approximately 40 patients suffering from epilepsy. The AIC volunteers provide medication, ensure that the patients are aware of the importance of treatment, and organise monthly support groups.

    • Medical supervision

    • Home visits to meet the families and monitor the patient

    • Provision of microcredit

To this day, the condition of 15 epileptics has been stabilised, and 15 others have benefitted from fincancial autonomy owing to microcredit.

  • Education and health – ‘Oasis of Peace’ (Kharkiv, Ukraine): a programme of extra-curricular activities partially dedicated to health issues, and composed of 30 underprivileged children aged between 4 and 18 years. Within a protected space, the children benefit from:

    • Educational and/or psychological support from teachers and psychologists

    • Creative activities (games, handiwork, drama, painting, external trips) and Training workshops (IT, cutting and sewing, knitting)

    • Health and well-being: the children receive one hot meal per day (often the only one), a holiday camp by the sea during the summer, sport competitions, preventative measures against illness, and funds towards certain medical treatments

    • Citizenship training and raising awareness of racism

The general condition of these 30 children has improved as a result of their regular participation in the activities run by the centre. They are once again motivated, have rediscovered the joy of learning, their academic results have improved, their artistic talents flourished, and they are more aware of the problem of racism. Adequate nutrition, medical prevention and holidays in the sun do them the world of good.

Many other projects relating to health, education and vocational training are carried out across the world by teams of AIC Solidarité volunteers. The AIC Solidarité charity is part of an international network fighting against poverty, composed of over 150,000 volunteers located in 53 different countries across 4 continents.

How can you help?

Financial support for:

  • Madagascar (South-East): to help finance the monthly fees of the school canteen for 31 children – 30 €

  • Brazil (North-East, Campina Grande): to finance extra-curricular activities for 30 disadvantaged children - 5000€/year

  • Colombia (Bogota): workshops for professional reintegration (sewing, IT, cooking) for women who have been victim to armed conflictss: to finance the development of a new kitchen - 4700€

  • Cuba: distribution of a balanced daily meal to 172 elderly people – 0.40$/day/person

  • Guatemala: vocational training (hairdressing, cutting and sewing, catering) for 100 women working at a waste disposal site: to finance the fees fort he organisation of workshops – 5000€

  • Ukraine: ‘Oasis of Peace’ in supporting 30 children: 765€/child/year

Volunteers required in Belgium:

  • Administrator/secretary: filing (ad hoc basis)

  • Logistical support: events (biannually)

  • Accountant (ad hoc basis)

  • Fundraiser/fund collector

  • Translator: English – Spanish – French (regular)

  • Webmastering

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