Educative project in the disadvantaged areas of Plettenberg (South Africa)

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The objective is the stimulate the social and educative development of the children from the disadvantaged areas of Bitou (South Africa) so as to make independent and responsible young adults.

What does Born in Africa do?

Academic programme:

  • The children who participate in this programme are between 6 and 25 years old, come from disadvantaged areas and are selected on the basis of their school results. Each child is followed by an individual tutor who checks their homework and their school results. Each term, the permanent premises mentors are supported by young Belgian volunteers equally responsible for other activities: swimming lessons, homework, educative workshops, camps and educative trips.
  • This programme brings equipment and educative support to the children so that they can develop their learning capacities completely and develop as people.
  • After 15 years of working existence, this programme has benefited 500 referrals.

Social programme:

  • This programme has the goal of developing the social and emotional skills of the children, so that they can take their future into their own hands . BIA employs 5 mentors who work with 50 to 100 children. Each month, the children take sessions with their mentors in small groups (6-8 children), where they are encouraged to indentify and to handle problems in their own lives and their own community. The programme gives particular attention to the well-being of the children in offering them medical help.

Life skills programme:

  • BIA asbl hopes to broaden the horizons of the African children by improving the quality of their everyday environment. An educational coordinator, assisted by volunteers, organises camps, excursions and swimming lessons.

Scholarship funds:

  • These funds have been founded to allow some students with high potential and without the resources to continue to study. BIA asbl covers all the costs of schooling (school fees, accommodation, food, transport, school supplies and social support). These children are monitored closely by their individual mentors. The programme includes the search for appropriate careers guidance, the training and fulfilment of the organisation requests from the schools and universities. The students subscribe to a charter, agreeing to foster a student during a minimum of 3 years after obtaining their diploma.

In 2017, the organisation is helping more than 30 secondary school and university students. In Belgium, the organisation functions with a team of 15 volunteers. In South Africa, the organisation has developed itself into a professional organisation specialising in education and social mobility. The resources of the organisation come from sponsorships, donations from schools, donations from service groups and businesses.


How can you help?

Financial support

  • Sponsorship: organised to start at €300/year. The sponsors receive a regular report of the progress of their referral and their mentor, as well as a termly information letter which guarantees the transparency of the use of the funds.
  • Scholarship funds: €3000-€5000/student/year
  • End 2017: old school in Harkerville needs renovation ( isolation and separation walls instead of curtains)

Volunteering abroad

  • School and educative guidance: homework classes, extracurricular activities, swimming lessons and camps. The volunteers live in the BIA house and pay a small sum for renting it out. The volunteers have to justify their application in writing and are invited to an interview in Belgium led by former volunteers or members of the management committee. Around 3 applicants are selected each term.
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