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Caritas International Belgium is the Belgian link in a worldwide network of 162 Christian organisations who work together across 200 countries and regions in the fields of emergency aid, development and the promotion of peace. Caritas International Belgium brings material and non-material aid to victims of war-related violence, natural disasters, poverty and migration. Caritas always chooses to help the poorest people. It develops its own projects as well as supporting those carried out collectively with the Caritas network. In Belgium, it assists asylum seekers and migrants.


What does Caritas International Belgium do?


If victims are refugees or have suffered damages in their own country, Caritas International Belgium organizes:

  • Humanitarian aid from around the world (60 million people are helped every year by the Caritas network)
  • Emergency interventions during crises
  • Reconstruction aid after crises
  • Important food security programs
  • Numerous and diverse micro projects


Caritas International Belgium on

In Belgium

Caritas supports migrants by offering a humanitarian and individualized response for everyone during the migrant process using:

  • A small-scale reception and social support for asylum seekers
  • First-line of welcome for migrants
  • Integration support for refugees
  • Support for family reunification
  • Supervision and support for unaccompanied foreign minors
  • Aid for voluntary return and sustainable reintegration in the country of origin
  • Visits to detention centers





How can you help Caritas International?

Your gift is welcome:

  • to fight against hunger in Ethiopia
  • to help victims of the explosion in Beirut (Lebanon)
  • to fight against the coronavirus
  • to support victims of hunger in East-Africa
  • to support refugees

Voluntary work in Belgium

  • administration
  • translations
  • other: activities with youngsters and adults in reception facilities and integration projects


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